Monday, December 30

what I've been doing today......

edit: I think I fixed the video.. no idea why there are two screens!

Maybe you missed the blockbuster movie that came out this summer: The Death of the Goblins

Winter holidays means... iMovie, Lego building, random 'pew-pew-pew' noises, nakedness for no reason and a lot of talk of farts, poop and fighting to the death.  Here's to more of that in 2014.

I think?

Monday, December 23

frozen tree day

If you've heard of the Ice Storm here in southern Ontario it ended up being less of a killstorm and more of a day of pretty ice tree pictures on Facebook.  Oh, and a lot of people don't have power in their houses.  I suppose that sucks!  I had power except for when it went out for 3 minutes while trying to buy batteries at the Dollar Tree .. took me about 15 seconds to consider The Walking Dead scenarios. 

Take that, 31 years of living in civilization.

I also had about $1.20 in my purse so hopefully if this ever happens for an extended time, random Legos pieces in my purse will be extremely valuable when I barter for food and candles.

Sunday, December 15

Snowed in

This weekend it dumped so much snow on the road and my car has no winter tires so of course I wasn't going anywhere.  I ended up getting super bored and breaking out my SLR and taking pictures; because there's only so much cleaning you can do!

Behold my entire weekend in picture form, minus the crazy look on the neighbours faces when they saw a large black lens peaking out of the windows .. I bet that looked awesome.

the point where Kieran had enough cold.

If we didn't get out of the house and go tobogganing with the neighbours kids I probably would have had my children in Santa hats posing with whatever props I find.  Here, hold these nutcrackers and smile!!!  

Saturday, December 7

Yup, sweaters

I have a board on Pinterest called "Yup, sweaters" because it was just obviously going to happen.  I must share that I found the best one yet and it just makes my heart do the opposite of the Grinchy thing where it grows three sizes too big.

Then I start getting all emotional taking my oldest and his friends to see Frozen in 3D and it's clearly just downhill from this point.  Spoiler Alert: the thing that unfreezes things.. Love.

My Kieran "Kier Bear" better never grow bigger than this... because I don't know if they make this sweater any larger.  Yes, that's the reason.

Monday, December 2

Dear Thursday, I can throwback any day I want!

I found myself in a debate with my mother on the weekend about the time I was 8 and tobogganed right into something head first.  Picture day was the next week so I had a great picture of me with a scab in the middle of my forehead.  She remembered that school photo differently than I (I thought I had a different hairstyle and outfit) so she pulled out her giant purse of photos.  And I mean this was a purse with nothing but photos in it.

Short answer: she was right about the photo but wrong about what I hit, it was not a tree.. it was a brick building.  If it was a tree I'd be dead.  The no front tooth was just a coincidence.

If you're going to ask why then I have no rational answer for you; I 'felt' like I was going way too fast to jump off.. even though my parents were screaming at me to jump off.  It might as well have been a skit.

As a result of this photo above we spent a good hour looking at photos, a lot of which I realized were my own personal photos I guess I left at home OR she stole.. really not sure which.  Some of them were exactly the photos I remember or days I remember, a few I have no idea at all where they were taken but I know and love the people in them, and lot of them were of my cousins and I from our cottage and family get togethers.  Amongst other things I realized I am pretty thankful for them.  The fact we've always been together just makes me really happy.

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