Monday, December 2

Dear Thursday, I can throwback any day I want!

I found myself in a debate with my mother on the weekend about the time I was 8 and tobogganed right into something head first.  Picture day was the next week so I had a great picture of me with a scab in the middle of my forehead.  She remembered that school photo differently than I (I thought I had a different hairstyle and outfit) so she pulled out her giant purse of photos.  And I mean this was a purse with nothing but photos in it.

Short answer: she was right about the photo but wrong about what I hit, it was not a tree.. it was a brick building.  If it was a tree I'd be dead.  The no front tooth was just a coincidence.

If you're going to ask why then I have no rational answer for you; I 'felt' like I was going way too fast to jump off.. even though my parents were screaming at me to jump off.  It might as well have been a skit.

As a result of this photo above we spent a good hour looking at photos, a lot of which I realized were my own personal photos I guess I left at home OR she stole.. really not sure which.  Some of them were exactly the photos I remember or days I remember, a few I have no idea at all where they were taken but I know and love the people in them, and lot of them were of my cousins and I from our cottage and family get togethers.  Amongst other things I realized I am pretty thankful for them.  The fact we've always been together just makes me really happy.


Christopher Lovato said...

Loved your blogs. No poison candy apples this year? (:

ann.мarie said...

haha no that was the only year.. everyone's teeth i'm sure thanks me. thanks for reading! this year I made mummy cupcakes instead and nobody questioned if I was crazy ;)

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