Thursday, January 2

Negative 5: I stay inside

Are you tired of my posts about the weather?  Just imagine I am that friendly cheery neighbour who greets you on your morning walk, except I swear when I'm cold, so it's more like oh hay good morning! have you seen HOW FUCKING COLD IT IS TODAY??

Like New Years Eve day.  There was a slight issue with the temperature and the FEELS LIKE temperature.

What they meant was it's currently pretty cold but it feels like you won't live longer than 5 minutes!  I'm exaggerating slightly because I really just don't like cold.  Here's my rules for venturing out of the house in winter.. don't worry, it rhymes.

-1.. is pretty fun!
-2.. there's lots to do!
-3.. build a snowman with me!
-4.. can't take much more
-5.. I stay inside

There isn't even anything that rhymes with seventeen.


Greta said...

Well, I think you are brave for going out in negative weather at all. And how come you have no wrinkles - at all???? Please can I have your skin? :D Hope it is warmer now!

ann.мarie said...

I had to get stuff for piggies in a blanket.. super classy NYE meal lol We're definitely thawing out now over here.

Haha I do have a few smile wrinkles I promise! And one if I am really mad. It's the filter.. but funny you say that since it's actually my resolution this year to start taking care of my skin! Got myself some cleansing wipes and daily moisturizer woohoo!

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