Friday, February 21

My life right now

As explained by crap I scroll through on Pinterest....

....because there's only so much rustic wedding decor I can find on the internet before my mind wanders away.

Wednesday, February 12

Detox / Double Hitler

By no means is this a health blog or will ever even look like one.  I see my blog as maybe a health blog's older, weirder cousin who likes to interrupt conversations at parties.  She's funny, and sometimes the information is interesting; other times she's telling you where she bought her pants and there's no follow-up.

However I did complete a self-imposed detox/cleanse for two weeks, this time without a formal 'box' to follow.  I included some supplements but even without, see how you feel without: dairy, wheat(gluten), caffeine, alcohol, sugar.

There's no trick to it... actually go without those things you will feel good.   So anyone asking me what I do for my cleanse I'm happy to tell you if you're willing to give up all fun eating.  ALL fun eating.  Not fun Tuesdays, where you have a treat to reward yourself for all the boring eating you're doing... but all fun.  It's just two weeks you can do it!  When it's over please don't have a party where you eat bread, cheese and a bottle of red wine.  It will be the worst thing to happen to your adulthood in years!  All I wanted to do was cry, have a cinnabun and sleep under a heavy blanket for the entire day.  Spoiler alert:  adults don't get to do that anymore!!

And here's the portion of the post where I tell you where I bought my pants....

So there's a Mamma board group on Facebook that I'm on.  It's pretty popular sometimes our convos make the news.... because the news is now 80% social media, 20% stuff that happens in the real world!  Anyhow, it's pretty hilarious without going too much into it you can sell stuff, search for deals, ask for advice or recommendations, plug your home businesses easily, chat about topics when you're bored etc.   Overall it's a nice group of ladies BUT there's quite a lot of drama.. and before you even ask I was added to the group by a friend and then Facebook won't stop putting it in my news feed so it's super hard to ignore.  It's as annoying as it is entertaining sometimes!  Here's a sample list of 'controversial topics' that have been heatedly discussed (and I mean heatedly, outright calling people idiots and assholes):

  • Marineland, and how you must be Hitler to go there or anywhere animals are in captivity
  • What to do with a Dad that swears sometimes
  • If Ripley's Aquarium was busy, also just reminding you you're still Hitler
  • Wedding gift vs Envelope of money, a gay couple made fun of someone who brought a basket of pantry foods as a gift <- that got us on the news
  • How to explain to your child who wants to be nice to a lonely neighbourhood man who 'isn't quite right' that this is wrong 
  • Selling carseats
  • Vaccinating your children.  VACCINATING KIDS IS CONTROVERSIAL NOW.
  •  Institutional vs Home Daycares, which one will take your sick children so you can make everyone sick and keep going to work!
  • What the educational value is of a field trip to the movies to see Frozen

It goes on but you get the idea!  It makes re-watching this clip from 30 Rock actually hurt my abs from laughter.  Enjoy!!!

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