Wednesday, March 26

Do your job

I'll be 32 on Monday.

32 is a number that means a lot of... nothing.  It's like turning 12, nobody cares about 12 and that's just a fact.  22 though was a fairly fun birthday for me.. I got a tattoo that year.  This year I got into two of my very first car accidents soooo nothing fancy was in my future for 32 other than our usual night out dancing however my very best girls decided to surprise me with a fun weekend at one of the places I've always wanted to go; it's on my 30 list!  The hot springs spa :)  Though it's at the ski resort I am not sure there's (thankfully) much snow left, guess I'll have to wait and see!  Pretty excited to go and more than that I'm just so happy to have the friendships I have.. you can't buy those!  Here's to more of it and maybe some better luck.. until my next huge flaming birthday cake of numbered mortality lol.

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