Saturday, April 19


Well I had the best time at my relaxing girls birthday weekend away at La Scandinave spa at Blue Mountain.  It was heaven on earth, a whole retreat in the middle of nature.. bonfires outdoors and we spent about 4 hours there getting shushed by the 'shusher!', steamed, cold pooled, sauna'd, lots of laughs, and generally sweated out all the stress of life.  Then we re-toxified with wine, cheese and chocolate until putting stickers on our faces seemed really cool..... and it pretty much was!

We all decided we need to go back there yearly!  It just makes life better.

 The next day we did the spa massage thing and the lady doing my nails and massage really creeped me out when she said she (a cat and dog sitter in her spare time) watched so much crime dramas that she is positive she could kill someone and get away with it.  WOW.  Way to end the weekend lol.

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Greta said...

Jealous!!! A spa weekend sounds really amazing. I like the detox/retox idea. Although wine and chocolate have antioxidants so I believe you are okay. ;)

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