Saturday, May 24

5 Quinoa experiments

If you come over to my house it's no secret that I love Costco's Quinoa salad.  When I like something I eat it almost every single day but after about 3 months I realized hey, that's a lot of sodium and.. not even I can enjoy quinoa salad this long!

I did still want "some" of it in the week yet was forced to buy a giant pan full.. I made up my own "recipes" that include different ways to eat quinoa salad as an ingredient and if you have guests it's even faster to get rid of.  Maybe you can enjoy it too.. here's the home made recipe if you don't want to buy it from Costco or don't want to enjoy quite so much of it in a week like a normal person.

  1. Omelette:  about a table spoon full for every egg.  other ingredients were red onions, mozzarella cheese and either chunks of chicken or cut up chicken breast cold cuts.
  2. Hamburger:  self explanatory as it's a topping, about a table spoon full.
  3. In fried spinach: lots and lots of spinach, garlic cloves, few table spoons of the quinoa salad and a cube of mozzarella cheese if you're feeling fancy.  can add this to chicken cutlets, turkey or stuff chicken breasts and is also good.
  4. As tuna salad:  a salad out of a salad!  add white flaked tuna and a little mayo or mayo substitute, at least 3 table spoons of the salad and a little salt.  You can use the tuna salad in a sandwich of course, with cold pasta or I like them with lettuce wraps!
  5. On a pizza:  home made crust add pizza sauce and the quinoa salad together, then put whatever toppings you usually do.  I like it with ham or chicken, red pepper, olives and/or goat cheese (again.. if you're fancy!)

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Greta said...

I just went gluten-free recently so quinoa is now one of my best friends. I will have to try to make this salad very soon! :D

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