Monday, October 27

Steak tip sandwich

We've had a big start to summer around here.. a full week at he cottage etc. (never enough time I miss it) but I am at the blog right now because I just don't cook.  I have realized for all my 'cooking' over the years I've made some good stuff but when kids become your main customer you tend to cook for them and not for you... therefore I suddenly don't know how to cook anymore!  As little as I can cook we all have our go-to foods; ie. breakfast food is my bitch.  I can cook the hell out of breakfast.  Sometimes dessert depending on what you like.  Dinner is another thing though, requiring a lot of thought and preparation for some reason.

Fast forward to tonight I just decided I was going to try something new and made the best sandwich ever!  Of course that means I have to share it with you.

Steak Tip Sandwich:

Ingredients are simple..... steak tips, kosher salt, pepper, basil, garlic powder, olive oil

  • put it all together in a bowl and then start frying on med heat for however long you like your steak.  

  • put the steak aside and toast whatever bun you like
  • the water in the frying pan, grab 2 cups of very hot water and a pack of gravy mix and start making the gravy
  • place cheddar cheese on the one side of the toasted bun, swiss cheese on the other
  • place the steak tips on the bun/bread and a little drizzle of gravy (or a lot if you like that!)
  • put it together and enjoy it!

 I had two today.


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