Monday, January 12


Merry Christmas, New Years and the rest of the holidays I may have missed.  Updating is literally the last thing on my mind lately.  Don't feel badly if you read this with any regularity.. I've also missed catching up on almost every single show I watch.  YA I KNOW... MY TV... wth??

Rather than let you know what's been going on over the various holidays I'll tell you a) I got a deep freezer and I'm flippin' excited about how little I will have to go food shopping as a result.  I'm an adult and these are the things I like.  FREEZERS.  Well, freezers and money.  The former helps me save the latter.  WINning.

I'm going to be 33 years old in March and I feel like it's an anniversary to the time I said I'd stop updating this.  Happy Unblogaversary to me!  We're 3 almost lol.  So let's just say I will update or not whenever I feel up for it.  Today I'd like to share that these past 9 months have been a personal growth period that I've never experienced before, and hope never to do again.  In that time I've separated from my husband, someone I've been with for 11 years.. moved homes.. dealt with all the BS I can handle.. pain, joy, support, life, fun, anger, blessings and struggles to remain emotionally intact and sane.  I will say that when you go through the worst times in your life you will be utterly surprised who is by your side, I don't care who you are this will be true.. you will never know who exactly you can count on until you need to.

I am doing fine, the kids are fine, we will likely move homes again in the summer, have to deal with changing schools.. Kieran my baby will be in school for the first time by then.  I am looking as far forwards as I can and clearing a path for us in 2015 that will make sure we are all OK.

Ethan's Christmas show at school, Porky from Little Rascals.  His only line in the play "Otay"

I'm a ginger now

Gabriel eats all the colours of snow

I bought a new jacket, hat and scarf!  Because it's Canada dammit.

I'm wearing every shirt I own/ Kieran

My Kierbear likes eating seaweed while shopping

Trying to be a cool Mom

Pumpkin winner /Ethan

Gabriel's the best patient/ growing pains

Picture Day smiles/ Gabriel&Ethan

Pumpkin Picking

Me and my little buddy/adopted son Liam


Amber said...

You should be very proud of yourself! You've done so well and you have three incredible young men to show for it. I'm glad things are working out in the end…they usually do. :) xo

ann.мarie said...

Thanks Amber xoxoxo

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